A volunteer is someone who has dropped this one calculation, “What can I get?” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

We offer 4 different volunteer positions at Villa Isabel.

Handy(wo)man (1 person)

Do you love to fix things and do all kinds of repairs and help with maintenance? From drilling holes to repairing broken sun beds, painting a wall or fixing awnings, there is always something that needs to be done.

The other part of your task would be to help with the maintenance of the garden and the outdoor areas of the place.

Dog & Household (1 person)

Do you love dogs? Then this volunteer position is for you! Take Golden Retriever Maximus out for extended walks in nature for 2 hours a day (5 days per week). If you prefer to jog, he will love it even more! Chances are high that you get in touch with other dogs and their owners. Most of them will be up for a chat, so it is definitely an advantage to speak some Spanish.

The other part of your task would be to help with the maintenance of the house, especially with cleaning and keeping order.

Social Media (1 person)

Are you a social media expert? We really need support to update our content on our channels!
Your English should be fluid, as this is our main language on social media. For promoting local offers, we also use content in Spanish, which we will translate in case you do not speak it.

Web development (1 person)

There is never enough time to have the website really renewed. All the ingredients are already there, the content and the fotos. We just need to put it together in a more professional way. If you have experience with this and would like to support us, this position is for you. English is the language to go.

General information for all volunteers:

Let us work joyfully! We expect you to be in good physical and mental condition and to be motivated to helping us for 20 hours a week (usually Monday to Friday). Our schedule is relatively loose. We will make it up together once you are here.

The consumption of drugs is strictly forbidden. Alcohol can be consumed in moderate amounts.

What you can expect from us:
You will have a spacious room that you might share with a second person of the same gender or with your partner, in case you stay with us together. Depending on the numbers of volunteers, you might share the bathroom, kitchen and dining/living area with another 2-3 people. We are able to accommodate a maximum of 4 volunteers at the same time. They are responsable for preparing their own meals.

During your stay, you can also participate at all our weekly activities going on in the yoga room (yoga classes and others). Yoga classes with Isabella are more than a simple fitness routine. She gives a lot of subtle explanations from which you can benefit if you understand some Spanish :). She can translate partly, but we recommend to enter the classes with a basic knowledge of Spanish. In general, we can communicate in 3 different languages (German, Spanish, English).

Why is it attractive to volunteer at Villa Isabel?

We are situated only 10 minutes walking away from the nice, sandy beach of Altafulla. The town has a beautiful, intact, historic center and nature here is amazing. Our climate is mild all year round, with lots of Spanish sun shining all winter long. If you like to take hikes along beaches and through pine forests, while enjoying some peace and quietness, and disconnect from the buzz of the modern world, you will definitely love our place.

Possible dates for volunteering:

Stay with us for 3 to 6 weeks between April 10th 2023 – May 26th 2023.
More volunteering opportunities will be given from November 2023 onwards.

Interested? Get in touch with us: info@athayoga-altafulla.es