Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Athayoga Teacher Training

Health & Fitness
In order to attend the Athayoga Teacher Training, you must have an average physical and psychological health and stability, that can put you through the challenges of an intensive training-period.

If you have any physical limitations or injuries, please let us now beforehand. We support you by modifying the practice according to your needs. However, the training is not suitable for pregnant women.

If a trainee experiences any kind of crisis, of course we are here to help. Please note that failure to inform us of any physical or mental health conditions, that might lead to disruption of the training, may terminate that trainee’s course with us.

Minimum number of students
For the Athayoga Teacher training a minimum number of 6 students to attend is necessary.  If 12 weeks before the training starts, there is less than the required number of applicants, the training MAY be subject to cancellation. We are aware that it is not unusal to have late bookings. However, it is recommended to book flights after the training has been confirmed.

Maximum number of students
We restrict the number of students to 16. If more students apply, they can be put on a waiting list or sign up for the next training-period that is offered.

Alcohol and drugs
The Athayoga Teacher Training is an intense time of training. The influence of alcohol or drugs would be disturbing in this process, so we ask you to not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs throughout this period. Please let us know ahead, if you think that this is difficult for you.

If any student is continually disruptive or fails to comply with our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to withdraw that person out of the event.

Relating to others
If you have any personal problem, difficulty or issue with anybody on the training (teacher or student) please let us know as soon as the problem arises. Many difficulties are a case of misunderstanding or miscommunication and can be dealt with.

In order to get a certificate 90% attendance is required. Since the trainings are scheduled as intensives, there is very little room for non-attendance. 
If a student does not feel well, he/she is is invited to attend class and just observe. In case of severe illness we ask to be informed.

Apart from attending the classes you need to do your homework, either during the breaks/days off or when the training-period is over. You will receive your certificate at the closing ceremony or by post, depending on when the written answers are submitted (not later than 6 months after the training period ends).

In an unlikely event that a student does not grasp the fundamentals of teaching, cannot teach in a safe and effective way or is unable to express the qualities of a sincere yoga practitioner/teacher, he/she will be given a temporary certificate and be recommended more training before teaching to the public. When the trainee feels ready for re-assessment, they can send a video of themselves teaching and complete the post training assignments.

Payment & refund policy
If an applicant is accepted, he/she has to pay a deposit in order to reserve the place.
The final balance must be paid 6 weeks before the course begins. If not, your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list and you will forfeit the deposit.
If you have an early bird discount the final balance payment is due 4 weeks after booking or the early bird discount will not be valid. All bank charges and fees must be paid for by the payment sender.
In an unlikely event that a training is cancelled we will refund 100% of your payment or offer an alternative placement. We are not to be held liable for flight costs or any other expenses.

If a student withdraws from the course more than 6 weeks before the course commences, the deposit can be transferred to another Athayoga Teacher training. Transferred deposits are valid for a 2 year period from the date of transfer.

If you withdraw from the course 6 weeks (42 days) or less before the course starts, you will forfeit the deposit as well as the final balances. Cases of withdrawal because of an emergency (like a life-threatening accident or disease or the death of a family-member), should be covered by a travel insurance.

Travel insurance
We recommend that you have a comprehensive travel, cancellation & medical insurance for the duration of the yoga retreat/training. You can review and compare travel insurance options at travelinsuranceview.net

We do not accept responsibility or liability for anything that is beyond our control like cancellations or delays of flights etc. The same applies to injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions developed during or subsequent to the course, as well as loss of or damage to personal property.

Unplanned changes
Whilst it is unlikely that we shall make changes to bookings, scheduled teachers, the venue or other matters, we reserve the right to do so and will inform you accordingly.


Wait till you receive an email with a confirmation from our side before you book the flight!