Atha Yoga Teacher Training

Hi! I am Isabella Welsch from Vienna, Austria – a yoga teacher, psychotherapist and the founder of the Atha Yoga-Teacher Training in Vienna and now on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The Atha Yoga Teacher Training is sometimes taught in german and at other times in an english that is easy to understand for not native speakers.

I have been organically evolving this teacher training course since 1994. Students especially appreciate my easy, but profound combination of eastern and western methods of self-exploration and personal growth.

Together with my team of experienced teachers, we unite modern science with ancient wisdom. Discover a wonder and surprise of how well they fit together as modern science confirms the findings of thousands of years of human observation and self exploration! Expect an easy digestible format and a supportive atmosphere that encourages you to learn and be deeply inspired by our method. Then simply relax and enjoy the learning process.

Our teacher training is a program to experience authentic yoga practices as well as to study intensely the concepts and theories behind them. As a result, you will leave this training equipped with all the tools that you need to know yourself, lead a more balanced lifestyle and be ready to start teaching yoga to others. At the completion of the training, you will be confident in your skills as a yoga practitioner as well as a yoga teacher.

We invite you to immerse yourself into yoga practices and teachings, to find new ways through life, find solutions with clear conscience and to navigate in a more effortless flow.

BEFORE and AFTER the Atha Yoga Teacher Training: Kristin in Urdhva Dhanurasana

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Level 1 Atha Yoga Teacher Training enables and certifies you to teach beginners
  2. Level 2 Atha Yoga Teacher Training enables and certifies you to teach intermediate students
  3. Level 3 Atha Yoga Teacher Training enables and certifies you to teach advanced students

1. Upcoming training dates, costs and schedule
Atha Yoga goes abroad! After over 20 years of training teachers in Austria, we now for the first time offer the Level 1 Atha Yoga Teacher Training in Altafulla, Spain, as a 3-week-immersion. We restrict the number of students to 16.

November 01 – 22: Level 1 Atha Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT)

Tuition fees and study materials: 2100 €
Accommodation and scheduled meals: Between 650,- € and 1000,- € (depending on the room)

Schedule Monday to Saturday (slight variations are possible):
07.00-07.30 Morning tea (& fruit or light snack if necessary)
07.30-10.30 Morning yoga practice, including meditation
10.30-13.30 Brunch and break/homework
13.30-18.30 Classroom sessions (Anatomy, philosophy, yogic lifestyle and teaching methods)
and afternoon yoga practice (hands-on; trainees teaching each other)
There are breaks in between.
18.45-21.00 Dinner and break/homework
21.00-22.00 Pranayama and evening meditation

Please note: Except for the days of arrival or departure, the SUNDAYS are off! There are no services available (classes, meals).

2. What ist Atha Yoga?

The Atha Yoga Experience

3. Prerequisites
Level 1 of our teacher training is open to all lovers of yoga, who ideally have been practicing yoga (no matter which style) at least once a week for about 3 years or less time, but with more intensity. This training is for you if you are ready to open and learn all you need to know to become a yoga teacher.

We expect you to have a desire to deepen your yoga and meditation practices and to learn the basics of anatomy, yoga philosophy and teaching skills.

We also expect you to be open to methods of personal growth that support you to let go of limiting beliefs or unproductive habits and to cultivate more beneficial ones. Be ready to make experiences that change your life!

Ideally, you already lead a lifestyle free from harmful habits (e.g. smoking) – this will make it easier to fully embrace a yogic lifestyle of self-knowledge and physical and mental health.
Physical limitations (by genetics, from accidents or injuries) do not have to draw you away from the training. In fact, they can help you to step into a more sensitive way of dealing with yourself and others.

A teacher training is something different and much more than a yoga holiday. It is for you if want to go on a personal journey to really widen your experience.

4. Venue, accommodations & meals
The training takes place at Villa Isabel in Altafulla, a small town on the mediterranean coast with a soft climate. The yoga-room is fully equipped, so you do not have to bring any yoga props with you.

As the Villa sits on a wonderful park-like property, there is always the option that some of the classroom sessions take place outdoor.

In Villa Isabel we have single and double rooms with shared bathrooms or bathroom en suite, available.

Meals: Healthy eating habits, rooted in Ayurvedic principles, are an important part of the yogic life-style. We focus on vegetarian/vegan cuisine, preferably with regional and organic products.

5. Getting there
How to arrive

6. Information and Registration
2020, Nov 1 – 22: Level 1 Atha Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT)
Register till May 30, 2020 and save 100,- €

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the AYTT
  2. Choose the training you want to participate in and complete the application form
  3. Wait till you receive an answer with the account details and pay 500 euros deposit (final payment will be due 6 weeks before the training starts)
  4. Book your flight