Atha Yoga and cooking

Atha Yoga and cooking

“Those who practice yoga without paying attention to the proper diet risk becoming ill and will not succeed,” says a verse from the Gheranda Samhita, an ancient yoga text. The proper diet is traditionally considered an integral part of yoga.

Cooking well with joy and knowledge is the motto of this workshop. Chef Gregory Ryzhkov was born into a family that cooked with passion. Having grown up in New York, he became familiar with the best cuisine from around the world. He cooks with an enthusiasm that even infects people who have hitherto considered cooking rather a joyless duty. Greory’s classes reveal simple tricks to summon an incredible depth of taste from simple ingredients. The main topic of the workshop are vegetarian dishes.

Isabella Welsch guides the group through a program, with carefully designed yoga-classes on an intermediate level. She teaches her own, modern blend of different styles, which she calls atha yoga. Many poses allow you to adjust to an easier or more challenging level. We need to know a bit about physical and psychological fitness of a participant: Please let us know ahead if you have any conditions.

Note: Classes are taught english and german.

Program / Activities:

We start each day with an intensive yoga and meditation unit (about 2.5 hours) for tranquility, strength and lightness.
On 5 afternoons, we spend about 3 hours on nutrition and cooking. Gregory has been working on old and modern nutritional concepts as well as scientific research on this topic. Therefore, he will not only explain HOW, but also WHY dishes are prepared in a certain way. After his theoretical inputs, a tasty, vegetarian dinner is conjured together, consisting of salad, soup and main course.

One afternoon we take a trip to the enchanting Waikiki natural bay and then eat in a restaurant.
Arrival, day 1:
from 15.00: Check-in
19.00: dinner
21.00: Welcome, introduction and orientation
Departure, day 8:
9.00: Breakfast
11.00: check-out

Mornings, day 2 – 7:
7.45: Morning hydration
8.15-10.45: Yoga with deep relaxation and meditation
11.00: Brunch

5 afternoons 16.00-19.00: Cooking class with theoretical inputs
1 afternoon: 12.00-18.00: Excursion

19.00: Dinner
On 2-3 evenings we offer meditative exercises at sunset (on the beach).

We have two places to accommodate participants: there are rooms in the Villa Isabel, which is a former residence and studio of the famous Catalan painter Josep Sala Llorens or in the family-run Hotel Yola near the beach. You may choose between single and double rooms as well as shared or private bathroom. Regardless of the accommodation, the meals are available to all participants in Villa Isabel, where the yoga room is located.

Workshop dates:
April 13-20 2019 (from Saturday to Saturday)
April 20-27 2019 (from Saturday to Saturday)

– 6x a total of approx. 16 hours of yoga and meditation
– 5x cooking classes with written recipes 
– 1x excursion as described
– Meals at Villa Isabel:
– 7x Morning hydration
– 7x Brunch after yoga
– 5x multi-course dinner
– 7 nights in Villa Isabel or Hotel Yola

Prices per week per person for lodging, food and yoga:

Villa Isabel:
Double room : 830,- € (shared bathroom with another room)
Double room : 970,- € (with AC and bathroom)
Single room: 970,- € (shared bathroom with another room)

Hotel Yola:
Single room: 1236,- € (with AC and bathroom)

Note: The tourist tax (0,99 €/night) ist not included in the prices.

Address and how to get there:

Villa Isabel: Camí Hort del Senyor 6
Hotel Yola: Via Augusta 50

Both Villas are situated in 43893 Altafulla, Spain

Check out the details on how to arrive

What to bring with you:

One week before the workshop starts we will send you a list of things to bring with you. We have enough yoga props in the house, including high quality yoga mats. If you tend to sweat during yoga, please bring your own yoga towel with you.

Information and registration:

  1. Fill out the registration form and let us know which workshop you want to attend
  2. Wait till you receive the confirmation from our side that the workshop takes place and that there is a place for you available
  3. Transfer the money to the account that you find in the confirmation
  4. Book your flight