Atha Yoga for organs and glands

Atha Yoga for organs and glands

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests, that our well-being is tightly related to the proper functioning of our organs and glands, affecting all physiological functions of our bodies, feeding the signal of equilibrium and relative harmony back to us. However, occasionally, mistakes happen and problems arise. How can we use the yoga practice to keep these rhythms and mechanisms in check? The answer, we believe, lies within us and that with guided body postures, breathing, meditation and visualization techniques and even finger mudras, yoga offers a comprehensive repertoire of techniques that target all hard to reach planes of our body. Mediterranean atmosphere around provides relaxation for all the senses.

Isabella Welsch or another atha yoga teacher guides the group through a program, with carefully designed atha yoga-classes on an intermediate level. She teaches her own, modern blend of different styles. At this Workshop, we teach a special sequence for organs and hormonal glands, which is also suitable for beginners.  We need to know a bit about physical and psychological fitness of a participant: Please let us know ahead if you have any conditions.

Note: Classes are taught english and german.


Arrival day:
From 15.00 onwards: Check-In
19.00: Dinner
21.00: Introduction

Departure day:
9.00: Breakfast
11.00: Check-Out

Day 2-7:

8.00: Morning hydration (with a small snack)
8.30-10.45: Yoga for organs and glands, including deep relaxation/meditation and breathing techniques
11.00: Brunch
19.00: Dinner

Monday to Saturday afternoons:
3x Yoga for organs and glands in theory and practice
1x Vegetarian cooking
1x excursion to the natural bay Waikiki
1x Yoga related activities
3x Meditation

We offer high quality vegetarian  food, using local organic produce where possible. 1-2x / week you may choose fish and seafood. 5 times per week dinner in the seminar house is provided. Other 2 nights you are free to choose the place to have dinner, like a beach tavern or in the courtyard of the medieval castle.

We have two places to accommodate participants: there are rooms in the Villa Isabel, which is a former residence and studio of the famous Catalan painter Josep Sala Llorens or in the family-run Hotel Yola near the beach. You may choose between single and double rooms as well as shared or private bathroom. Regardless of the accommodation, the meals are available to all participants in Villa Isabel, where the yoga room is located.

Workshop dates:
Sep 8-15 2019 with Isabella Welsch
Oct 27-Nov 3 with Claudia Schweinberger

– A total of approx. 20 hours of yoga and meditation
– 1x Cooking class
– 1x Yoga related activities
– 1x excursion
Meals at Villa Isabel:
– 7x Morning hydration
– 7x Brunch after yoga
– 5x Multi-course dinner
– 7 nights in Villa Isabel or Hotel Yola

Prices per week per person for lodging, food and yoga:

Villa Isabel:
Double-room : 830,- € (shared bathroom with another room)
Double-room : 970,- € (with AC and bathroom)
Single room: 970,- € (shared bathroom with another room)

Hotel Yola (or equivalent)
Single room: 1236,- € (with AC and bathroom)

Address and how to get there:

Villa Isabel: Camí Hort del Senyor 6
Hotel Yola: Via Augusta 50

Both Villas are situated in 43893 Altafulla, Spain

Check out the details on how to arrive

What to bring with you:

One week before the workshop starts we will send you a list of things to bring with you. We have enough yoga props in the house, including high quality yoga mats. If you tend to sweat during yoga, please bring your own yoga towel with you.


  1. Fill out the registration form and let us know which workshop you want to attend
  2. Wait till you receive the confirmation from our side that the workshop takes place and that there is a place for you available
  3. Transfer the money to the account that you find in the confirmation
  4. Book your flight