Atha Team

Atha Team

Gregrory Ryzhkov: Yoga and cooking
Was born into a family that had cooked with a very healthy enthusiasm. Growing  up in New York, he became acquainted with and fascinated by the best cuisine from around the world. His enthusiasm is contagious! Gregory thinks that, among other things in cooking, there is a certain way of thinking about food and nutrition.  As part of the cooking workshops,  you will discover some of the kitchen secrets that you can take home. Greg’s approach to cooking is versatile and undogmatic. For many years he had been dealing with old and modern nutrition concepts from different cultures, as well as scientific studies on the topic.  Greg has come to the conclusion that there is not a single nutritional concept, but rather many different approaches that one tailors accordingly.  Certainly, the basic principles include fresh and regional products as the basis for any good cuisine. We  invite you to join Greg in the world of culinary art.


Sonja Rogge: Yoga and hiking
Sonja is a lawyer and yoga teacher and completed her yoga training with Isabella Welsch in the years 2001 – 2005 after having practiced yoga for over 10 years. Throughout this time, her practice has always been a source of calmness and strength, so she felt the desire to share that experience and knowledge with others. Sonja has visited the Atha Yoga Retreat House in Altafulla several times, because besides the Mediterranean climate, she also appreciates the beautiful nature and likes to explore new hiking trails along the coast and inland with Isabella Welsch. She’s looking forward to teaching and hiking with you!


Alexandra Pokorny: Yoga and holidays

Alexandra tried out Isabella Welsch’s yoga class for the first time in 1993, unaware that it would become a long-term, intense exploration of yoga, Eastern martial arts, and philosophies. Later, she also completed her training with Isabella Welsch  because yoga convinced her with its holistic concept: it strengthens the body, provides relaxation techniques, enhances well-being, and ultimately, the philosophical writings of yoga provide thoughts on the ultimate questions of our existence. A regular yoga practice affects the entire organism, and the different styles and practices provide each person with exactly what they need at a particular time. This is what Alexandra tries to pass on while teaching!


Claudia Schweinberger: Yoga for organs and glands

Claudia is a physiotherapist and osteopath as well as a yoga teacher trained by Isabella Welsch. In the mid-1990s she first came into contact with yoga in a course led by Isabella Welsch at the University Sports Institute in Vienna. Since then, yoga accompanies her on her life path and during her varied education. She tries to show my clients ways to perceive and work with their individual strengths and weaknesses, regardless of whether she is working as a physiotherapist, osteopath or yoga teacher. Claudia finds it exciting to connect with the deeper layers of the organism, such as the glands and organs, and to set impulses for their healthy functioning!


Manfred della Schiava: Yoga for men

Manfred is a certified yoga teacher (Athayoga by Isabella Welsch and Kalari Yoga) and has practiced yoga for over 25 years. For him, yoga is an important part of his demanding work life as a management consultant. Through the yoga practice, he manages to balance high stress and stress situations in the professional life and to stay fit. In addition, for him yoga is the best school to deepen the perception, mindfulness and mental clarity for complex situations that require decisions. Manfred’s heartfelt purpose is to help other people to live healthier, to feel comfortable and to be physically and mentally efficient, in the working life as well as in the private one!