Athayoga online live classes

Athayoga online live classes

Athayoga online live classes (via Zoom) with Isabella Welsch

Schedule May and June 2021: 8x

MEZ=CET Time (Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Paris):
Tuesday: 17.30-18.30: Athayoga classic I
Tuesday: 18.45-20.15: Athayoga classic II (advanced)
Thursday: 17.45-18.45: Athayoga Kalari
Thursday: 18.45-19.45: Athayoga Yin

Each class takes place 4x/month!

London Time
Tuesday: 16.30-17.30: Athayoga classic I
Tuesday: 17.45-19.15: Athayoga classic II (advanced)
Thursday: 16.45-17.45: Athayoga Kalari
Thursday: 17.45-18.45: Athayoga Yin

New York Time
Tuesday: 11.30-12.30: Athayoga classic I
Tuesday: 12.45-14.15: Athayoga classic II (advanced)
Thursday: 11.45-12.45: Athayoga Kalari
Thursday: 12.45-13.45: Athayoga Yin

Athayoga classic: The energetically balanced class
Recuperative Asanas and Pranayama: Recuperative exercises are passive exercises, held for 5-10 minutes and performed seated or lying down. They calm down the nervous system and prepare for the subtle, yogic breathing techniques.
Athayoga Kalari: In Kalari Yoga we start with an amplious set of warm-ups. Then we practice the movements of different animals. These movements make the spine flexible and strengthen the legs intensely. The classes alternate between version A and B.
Kalari A: (fish, elephant, lion and snake)
Kalari B (rooster, wild boar, horse and cat)
Athayoga Yin: Passive positions, held for 3 minutes with focus on long, fine breathing (vagus breathing) and the chakras. Eye exercises are included.
Athayoga Yang: Dynamic sequences that strengthen and get the energy going. This is a video class that is best practiced in the morning.

Online classes are partially recorded and uploaded in a Facebook group. When you register for the online classes, you will receive the link to this group. The recorded material is available for you throughout the whole month.
Note: There are no replays available for Athayoga classic II.

Prices for Athayoga online MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION:
#1 Tuesdays Athayoga classic I (without replays): € 35
#2 Tuesdays Athayoga classic I + Thursdays (Kalari+Yin): € 48 (includes access to replays on facebook)
# 4 Tuesdays Athayoga classic II: € 52 (includes access to all classes and to replays on facebook)
#3 Thursdays only (Kalari+Yin): € 39 (without replays)

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Prices for Athayoga online SINGLE SESSIONS:
One single session of 60 min.: 13 €
One single session of 90 min.: 18 €
Thursday special: 2 sessions x 60min. to the price of 1 session: 13 €

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Private lessons (via Zoom) with Isabella Welsch

In private lessons via zoom I can create an individual Yoga program. It can also be of a therapeutic nature, i.e. tailored to existing physical or psychological problems.

In 5 sessions of 60 minutes each, a personal yoga program is created. Package includes a replay of the final sequence with which you can continue to practice independently.

Covid-19 discount:
Per session € 60 instead of € 70.
Contact me by email: info@athayoga-altafulla.es