Athayoga classes April to June 2022

Athayoga classes April to June 2022

Athayoga classes in the 2nd Trimester 2022 with Isabella and Paula

Schedule 2nd Trimester 2022: March 29th-June 27th (12 weeks)
Classes are hybrid: you can participate online (via Zoom) or onsite (in Altafulla, Spain)
Languages of teaching: english and spanish

Hybrid classes are partially recorded and uploaded to a Facebook group. When you register for the classes, you will receive the link to this group.

MEZ=CET Time (Spain, Germany, Austria, France):
15.15-16.15: Yogalates with Paula (only onsite and in spanish)
17.45-18.30: Athayoga for strong lungs with Isabella
18.35-19.20: Athayoga Phönix with Isabella (in german!)

07.50-08.35: Athayoga Bon dia with Isabella/Paula (in spanish)
09.30-10.45: Athayoga classic I with Paula (in spanish)
17.45-19.00: Athayoga classic I with Isabella
19.15-20.45: Athayoga classic II with Isabella (in english)

07.50-8.35: Athayoga Bon dia with Isabella/Paula (in spanish)
09.30-10.45: Athayoga classic I with Paula (in spanish)
17.45-18.45: Athayoga Kalari with Isabella
18.45-19.45: Athayoga Yin with Isabella

10.30-11.45 Athayoga alignment with Isabella/Paula (in spanish)

What to expect:
Athayoga for strong lungs: A selection of yoga’s best breathing techniques for lung recovery.

Athayoga Phönix: This is your class when you feel somewhat “down” and want to start to rise from the Ashes.

Athayoga classic: The energetically balanced classes for overall health and wellbeing. Level I is gentle, Level II is more challenging. Note: There are no replays available for Athayoga classic II.

Athayoga Kalari: This type of yoga stems from Kalaripayattu, the traditional, indian martial arts. We practice animal movements that make the spine flexible and strengthen your core and legs.

Athayoga Yin: The ultimate class for relaxation. Passive stretching in recuperative positions with focus on long, fine breathing (vagus breathing), the organs and the chakras.

Prices per Trimester (12 weeks), including access to recordings on FB:
#1 Athayoga classic I (75 min.): 144 €
#2 Athayoga classic II (90 min.): 180 €
#3 Athayoga Yin OR Athayoga Kalari (60 min. each): 120 €
#4 1 weekly 45 minute class (Yogalates, Lungs, Phönix, Bon dia): 96 €
#5 2 weekly 45-75 minute classes: 180 €
#6 Athayoga unlimited (access to all classes+recordings): 300 € (monthly payment option of 100 €)

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Prices for Athayoga online SINGLE SESSIONS:
1 single session of 45 min.: 10 €
1 single session of 60 min.: 12 €
1 single session of 75 min.: 15 €
1 single session of 90 min.: 18 €

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Private lessons (via Zoom) with Isabella Welsch

In private lessons via zoom I create your individual Yoga sequence. It can be of a therapeutic nature, i.e. tailored to existing physical or psychological conditions/problems. In only 5 sessions of 60 minutes each, a personal yoga program is created that suits all your needs. Package includes a replay of the final sequence with which you can continue to practice independently.

Price for the 2nd Trimester of 2022 (April to June):
Per session € 65,-.
Contact me by email: info@athayoga-altafulla.es