Athayoga classes

Athayoga classes

Athayoga classes with Isabella Welsch

Schedule 1st Trimester 2022: Jan 3rd-March 27th (12 weeks)
Classes are hybrid: you can participate online (via Zoom) or onsite (in Altafulla, Spain)
Languages of teaching: english and spanish

Hybrid classes are partially recorded and uploaded to a Facebook group. When you register for the classes, you will receive the link to this group.

MEZ=CET Time (Spain, Germany, Austria, France):
Monday: 18.00-18.30: Athayoga for strong lungs
Monday: 18.45-19.15: Athayoga for your legs

Tuesday: 17.30-18.45: Athayoga classic I
Tuesday: 19.00-20.30: Athayoga classic II (advanced)

Thursday: 17.45-18.45: Athayoga Kalari
Thursday: 18.45-19.45: Athayoga Yin

Sunday: 10.30-11.45 Athayoga classic I
This class is only offered onsite and is taught in spanish.

What to expect:
Athayoga for strong lungs: A selection of yoga’s best breathing techniques for lung recovery.

Athayoga for your legs: Healing sequences for tired, painful or swollen legs. The best thing for people who work standing or walking or have varicose veins.

Athayoga classic: The energetically balanced classes for overall health and wellbeing. Level I is gentle, Level II is more challenging. Note: There are no replays available for Athayoga classic II.

Athayoga Kalari: This type of yoga stems from Kalaripayattu, the traditional, indian martial arts. Prepare to become a yogic warrior who is in charge of his power.

Athayoga Yin: The ultimate class for relaxation. Passive stretching in recuperative positions with focus on long, fine breathing (vagus breathing), the organs and the chakras.

Prices per Trimester (12 weeks):
#1 Athayoga classic I: 144 €
#2 Athayoga classic II: 180 €
#3 Athayoga Yin OR Athayoga Kalari: 120 €
#4 Athayoga Yin AND Athayoga Kalari: 180 €
#5 Athayoga for lungs OR legs: 60 €
#6 Athayoga unlimited (access to all classes): 300 € (monthly payment option of 100 € available)

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Prices for Athayoga online SINGLE SESSIONS:
1 single session of 30 min.: 8 €
1 single session of 60 min.: 12 €
1 single session of 75 min.: 15 €
1 single session of 90 min.: 18 €

Register NOW: info@athayoga-altafulla.es

Private lessons (via Zoom) with Isabella Welsch

In private lessons via zoom I create your individual Yoga sequence. It can be of a therapeutic nature, i.e. tailored to existing physical or psychological conditions/problems. In only 5 sessions of 60 minutes each, a personal yoga program is created that suits all your needs. Package includes a replay of the final sequence with which you can continue to practice independently.

Discount for the 1st Trimester of 2022 (Jan to March):
Per session € 60 instead of € 70.
Contact me by email: info@athayoga-altafulla.es